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Nice picture pathdoc. This view from low power demonstrates a storiform pattern formed by the lesional cells. A storiform pattern is also a feature seen in malignant fibrous histiocytoma/pleomorphic sarcoma. DFSP rarely have MFH like areas in the tumor. Overall, MFHs have as the name implies, a much more pleomorphic population of cells versus DFSP. The classic histopathologic pattern seen in a fibrosarcoma is a chevron-like or herring bone pattern of fibroblastic tumor cells. Fibrosarcoma like areas can be observed in DFSP. In fact, some authors advocate the use of the diagnoistic entity/category of “fibrosarcomatous variant of DFSP or Sarcoma arising in DFSP” if the fibrosarcoma component exceeds 5-10% of the total tumor. These tumors are probably more aggressive than conventional DFSP.

----Comment by: Iago on 6/22/2008 7:38:48 PM


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