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A Snipet from the 'Great Big Book' - Mesoblastic nephorma can present with a renal mass, hydramnios, hyperrenism, or hypercalcemia during fetal life. Nephrectomy is curative (but these tumors can recur if not completely excised). The only described metastatic site is lungs (and this is rare). HISTOLOGY: Infiltrating SPINDLE cells which extend beyond the gross tumor margin. Low cell density, low mitotic rate. Typically entraps tubules and glomeruli (Need to distinguish from true epitheal component of Wilms tumor. Different treatment. See the 'gotcha' image above). ATYPICAL VARIANT "Cellular" type is characterized by high cell density, numerous mitotic figures. Can have cartilage. (as seen here). GREAT case.

----Comment by: PathDoc15 on 8/12/2008 7:23:32 AM


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