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Why not low-grade chondrosarcoma metastatic to lung..say from unknown primary ? Well first it is very rare to have metastatic sarcoma with no primary, second this is hamartoma (normal tissue growing on abnormal anatomical position) so one will not see mitotic figures, 2 chondrocytes per lacuna, no necrosis or apoptosis.

----Comment by: savco on 3/7/2008 8:21:23 AM

I'll have to see if I can come up with a chondrosarcoma for comparison. Distinguishing a grade 1 chondrosarc from a benign lesion can be a real challenge. I imagine that many might wiggle a little at this diagnostically challenge gray zone. The nuclear atypia associated with grade 2 and 3 make this an easier call. I'll have to dig out the grading criteria as well when I find an image.

----Comment by: PathDoc15 on 3/8/2008 5:54:05 AM

Seems like the "right" answer that the board wants you to know is that its a pulmonary hamartoma/chondroma which is part of Carney's triad: pulmonary chondromas, GISTs, and extra-adrenal paragangliomas. Furthermore, separating this from LG chondrosarc on one low-power H&E seems especially torturous...

----Comment by: nighthawk on 4/23/2013 9:10:56 AM


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