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That's a lot of amyloid. Isn't the AA amyloid one of the acute phase reactants, or am I thinking of something else.

----Comment by: kyouens on 3/9/2007 1:14:24 PM

Kyouens - Just cutting and pasting from a previous post: "Amyloidosis is a disorder in which insoluble protein (amyloid) is deposited in tissues and organs, impairing their function. Amyloidosis can occur in patients with plasma cell dyscrasia. This results in the deposition of lambda light chains also known as AL amyloid. Amyloidosis can also occur in patients with long standing chronic inflammatory disease (osteomyelitis, RA, Tb) or neoplasms (renal cell carcinoma). These conditions result in the deposition of AA amyloid: AKA serum amyloid A protein. Inheritied forms also exist, namely mutations in the protein Transthyretin. Other secondary causes of amyloid include thyroid medullary carcinoma (deposition of calcitonin protein) and long-term hemodialysis amyloidosis (deposition of beta-2-microglobulin)." Haven't got any other specifics of serum amyloid A protein... Anyone?

----Comment by: PathDoc15 on 3/9/2007 2:20:39 PM


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